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Our Founder

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Our Founder,

Kimberley R. McCoy

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Kimberley R. McCoy is the founder and visionary of The Joy of Living Women and Children's Center. Kimberley began a non-profit organization to change the cycle of poverty. Her vision was to improve the lives of women and children through an array of services that educate and encourage a positive self-image, create the gift of hope and the promise of a better tomorrow. 

Founded in 1992, The Joy of Living programs and services has aided women, children and young adults who are faced with pervasive life challenges, to maintain a strong sense of hope, joy and promise of a better tomorrow.
We have partnered with thousands of women, children and young adults to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support.



The Joy of Living Center
empowers and advocates for women and children by cultivating a positive sense
of self-worth.


Our vision is to ensure the self-sufficiency of all women and children.

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