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JOL's Young Ladies Graduation

JOL's Young Ladies Graduation

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Young Ladies


The Joy of Living's Young Ladies Empowerment Program is a faith-based program called the Young Butterflies, which encourages our young ladies to make positive decisions in every facet of their lives.  Following a series of classes and workshops that are designed to educate as well as enlighten our young ladies.  Our vision is to present each of our participants in a ceremony that marks and honors their womanhood.  Our goal is to inspire and influence the lives of the young ladies who will lead and create the future.


The Joy of Living’s Young Ladies Empowerment Program is a fun and exciting program for girls 10-17, it encourages young ladies to strive for excellence in all areas of life.  It is also a safe place for young ladies to build self-esteem and healthy relationships.  This program will give our young ladies a chance to express themselves and explore new ideas in a secure fun environment. 


The Joy of Living’s staff members believe in addressing the whole person. Therefore, our young ladies all have a unique purpose, no matter where they may be in their journey.  It is our goal to help them realize their full potential by providing tools to help them build confidence, know their values, and develop healthy relationships through meaningful a program!


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